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Women With Vision, WIN FASTER!

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Ahhh, how sweet verification is; even if it is in my own little head. For a while now, I’ve had the outlook that women do indeed, Hawk Vision than men. Maybe it’s my experience in the mortgage industry, where the women outnumbered the men almost 5-1. Or it could be my years in the network marketing arena where that statistic is almost doubled. Either way, in a recent article that I read, there was an interesting “info graphic” on the consistent rise in the number of black female business owners. In just a 10 year span, women have successfully founded and grown businesses all over the nation. Many of these women have been able to employ others, and heavily contribute to the economy. What I enjoyed even most about this quick illustration is that they DID NOT go into specifics as far as the different industries that the women came from, which means one thing to me: THERE ARE NO LIMITATIONS. I’ve had the awesome opportunity to meet, and showcase some amazing business women, and I’ve realized that there were some overwhelming similarities that they all shared, which leads me to believe that there are 5 common values that a successful female entrepreneur must share:

  1. Strong Family Values: Entrepreneurs exist for one of three reasons, either there is a need, or there is a gift/passion or there is a combination of the two. All of the women that I have interviewed have had very strong stories as to why they decided to go into business for themselves. I’m reminded of an interview with the CEO of Pretty Biznez Ambi Henry who was able to successfully work her way out of a corporate job and build her brand from the ground up based in large part to customer reviews. Then there is Denise Williams who eloquently and openly shared with us her driving factors both in business and her personal life. These are just 2 examples of how strong family values, ties, and relationships can be used to drive you to greatness. What are you willing to do for your family to live the way you truly want them to?

  2. Vision: It’s been my experience that the women, who have achieved various levels of success, have a vision to be bigger, better, and build faster than most in the business world give them credit for. It could be that they never lose sight of the REASON that they are in business. They have very clear short term, and long term goals. One of my favorite quotes is “Vision is what you have before you open the box, and read the instructions” –Andrea Haynes. I love this quote because here, a multi-millionaire basically broke down how important vision truly is, in baking terms, I can hear her now: “Chuck you know that you want a cake, you can almost taste it because you want it so bad, but do you know what it takes to bake a great cake?” That’s vision, what is yours?

  3. Support: You’d think that in a house with a wife and 4 daughters, I’d have a clue right? Nope! None what-so-ever! All I can do is try to sum it up in two words: Girl Power! I can’t explain it, I can’t rationalize it, and I don’t even think I completely understand it. However, there is some sort of emotional, unspoken bond that women share, that allows them to support each other through some of the roughest, toughest experiences that can come into a person’s life, which comes as a huge asset when women start their businesses. I can’t count the number of women that start their elevator pitch by saying “I help women who…” No matter how good we think we are, and no matter how strong the business plan, we all need support. Who can you depend on for your support?

  4. Communication: This could have easily been number one on the list, but since we’re not going in numerical order I believe we’re safe. I’ve never come across a woman that wasn’t completely clear when it came to articulating her intentions, visions and dreams in terms of business. Perhaps more importantly, I think one of the tools that women have is the ability to effectively connect during the marketing and business development phases of business. In sales, the key is always to find a need and fill it. Can you name a better way of uncovering a need besides effective communication?

  5. Provide/Protect: Female entrepreneurs quickly make their business their baby, and they want to protect it. They’re careful about who they partner with, who they allow to have various levels of access to their business, and want to make absolutely sure that their business provides in some way shape or form, for both their clients, and employees .

  6. **BONUS** Networking: This is a given. You’ve been reading for a minute, now and I thank you, but trust me there is no better networker than the female entrepreneur.

In no way do I believe these are the only skills that enable female entrepreneurs to be successful, these are just a few traits that I feel will help to create a bullet proof foundation. If you’re able to identify the family connection, vision and support that you have in your corner already, half of the battle is done, your communication will help you build your business, and you will be able to provide and protect, while networking along the way. Of course you will still need market research, a business plan and all the other things that a smart business owner has in their war room. My hope is that you’ll have a strong foundation, and then Hawk Vision until your dreams are realized.

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