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"Beacuse Greatness"


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Hustle and Motivate.

Two adjectives, visionary Chuck W. Hawkins exemplifies. This husband and father of four daughters, is a native of Oakland, California and has become the country's leading expert in successful training seminars, speaking engagements and has recently created an eye-opening, communicative platform for new and emerging entrepreneurs. Chuck's Hawk Vision brand reigns with eminence and his high energy training style remixed with a transparent down-to-earth approach, is one of the reasons why he has become one of the most dominant speakers and training specialist in the US.


Combined with additional training and once currently an apprentice of world renowned speaker, Les Brown, "Mr. Hustle & Motivate" successfully assists individuals uncover their strengths and achieve their goals. Implementing the wealth principles he was taught, quality reinforcement on insight through speaking commitments fueled with key training components, has opened many doors of opportunity for the Hawk Vision brand.


After suffering a major financial setback during the country's biggest real estate crisis, Chuck decided to refocus his intention. This was when he decided the need to take ownership of wealth maintaining practices and mindset. His training experience and speaking engagements are tailored for both Corporate industries, as well as Business Consulting that so many of today's entrepreneurs could benefit.


Additionally, Chuck has created a platform and resource for businessmen and businesswomen. With this platform, these individuals share their entrepreneurial wins and losses while also expressing how to actively stay "In the Hunt" chasing and achieving their wildest dreams when it comes to business ownership. The interviews are methodically designed to propel some of the best success principles available. The objective is for others to identify with past struggles, fears and hurdles, as explained by the guests. More importantly, the hope is to communicate how-to shorten the learning curve when it comes to an individual's personal path to the success desired and deserved. Chuck’s motto, “No miracles have ever happened without someone doing something” is the staple he uses to encourage his clients to embrace the journey of success they are embarking.


Motivational and Inspirational vibes through public speaking and the brand's infamous "Sledge Hammer Training Calls" is the catapult that Chuck utilizes while combining interviews from top performing individuals who complement a variety of industries.


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